2019-06-06WRC 2019 side tournament - Spirit of Winter
2019-05-222019 World Ringette Championships logo unveiled
2018-03-04Former IRF President Betty Shields inducted into Ottawa Sport Hall of Fame
2017-12-11Sini Forsblom hands over IRF presidency to Jane Casson
2017-12-11Jane Casson elected as president and Anniina Tuomola elected as vice president of the IRF Council
2017-11-24Live streaming of 2017 World Ringette Championship

The 2017 World Ringette Championship will take place in Mississauga November 27 - December 3.

All the games will be live streamed through Ringette Canada's live streaming service. Please see the link below for more details.

2017-10-13World Ringette Championships 2017 are coming
2017-10-13Saara Lahti joins the IRF Council

IRF has a new Director of Communications

2016-05-25IRF has a new vice president

International Ringette Federation has elected Jane Casson to be the new vice president. Casson will replace Beth Hurren, who recently resigned from the position.

2016-04-16Laura Knowles and Anu Pitkänen to the IRF Council
2016-01-03IRF's 30th Anniversary was celebrated aside with 2016 WRC

International Ringette Federation will have its 30th anniversary on 13th March 2016. The celebrations took place at 2016 World Ringette Championships on New Years Eve.

2015-12-22WRC 2016 is almost here!

First games to be played on Sun 27th December

2015-09-18100 days until WRC 2016!

The next World Ringette Championships will be played in Helsinki, Finland on 27th December 2015 - 4th January 2016. It is now 100 days until the event begins, so the countdown has begun!


It is with great pleasure that the International Ringette Federation can announce that history will be made in 2015.  In July 2015, the IRF, for the first time since its inception, will officially welcome two new member countries. Joining existing members Canada, Finland, Sweden and USA, will be Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

2015-07-23IRF Workshops in Prague, Czech Republic

The first official International IRF Coaching and Referee Workshops took place in Prague, Czech Republic on 22th – 23th July 2015. There were participants from five different countries; Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Slovakia and Sweden.

2015-04-23Sam Jacks' 100th Birthday!

Today, on the 23th April 2015, would have been the 100th Birthday of Sam Jacks, the Inventor of Ringette. International Ringette Federation honors the legacy of Sam Jacks with these photos and a message from Sam Jacks' son Bruce Jacks.

2015-04-182016 World Ringette Championships schedule released

The game schedule for the 2016 World Ringette Championships in Helsinki, Finland has been released! Ticket sale starts soon. Follow the WRC website to find out what is happening with the WRC preparations!

2015-03-30Want to play ringette abroad?

Season 2014-2015 is soon over and it is time to start thinking about next season. Would you want to go play somewhere else than your home country? Maybe IRF could help you!

2014-12-01Ringette Festival in Helsinki 31th Dec 2015 - 3rd Jan 2016

2016 World Ringette Championships will take place in Helsinki, Finland on 29th December 2015 - 4th January 2016. At the same time there will be Ringette Festival in Helsinki, hosted by Helsinki Ringette, Ringette Finland and the IRF. U14 teams are invited to play at the Festival tournament. Bring your team and make sure you will get your spot at the WRC audience aswell!

2014-11-10International Ringette Camp in Czech Republic 7th-9th Nov 2014

The first International Ringette Camp was organized in Klášterec nad Ohří, Czech Republic on 7th-9th November 2014. Attendees were from Czech Republic and Slovakia, added with one Canadian player. The president of the IRF Sini Forsblom hosted the camp.

2014-10-042015 WRC changed to 2016 WRC - no change in dates

The next World Ringette Championships will take place in Helsinki on 28th December 2015 - 4th January 2016. The event name has been changed from 2015 WRC to 2016 WRC so that the year will match with the 2016 IIHF Junior World Championships which will be in Helsinki at the same time with WRC.

2014-10-04Season 2014-2015 has started!

Season 2014-2015 has started in both Canadian and Finnish top level leagues.

2014-08-13International atmosphere in 2014 Czech Ringette Challenge Cup

2014 Czech Ringette Challenge Cup was held in Prague, Czech Republic on 25th - 27th July for the 12th time. This year there was also Team Czech attending! Other attending teams were from Canada, Finland, France and Slovakia; there were also players from Austria, Sweden and USA among the attending teams. Officials of the tournament were from Canada, Finland and Slovakia.

An international coaching clinic also took place during the tournament in Prague, hosted by Phyllis Sadoway.

2014-05-082015 WRC logo published

2015 World Ringette Championships will take place in Helsinki, Finland on December 28th 2015 - January 4th 2016. 2015 WRC logo was published on May 3rd at Ringette Finland awards gala. Logo has been designed by a famous fashion designer Jukka Rintala. 

2014-04-232014 WCC in Stockholm cancelled

It is with great disappointment that the International Ringette Federation is required to announce that the 2014 World Club Championships shall be cancelled.  Due to financial constraint and lack of commitment from Canada’s National Ringette League members, it is unfortunate that the hosting of the IRF’s 3rd World Club Championship will not take place in Sweden 2014.  It is the hope of the IRF that this event will return to World stage on the ice in 2016.

Despite of the cancellation of the WCC of senior teams, the Ringette Festival for age groups U10, U12 and U14 will be arranged in Stockholm. Invitation to the Ringette Festival:

2014-03-14Coaching project launched in Finland

IRF, Ringette Finland and Coaching Association of Finland launched a project called "Women taking responsibility in coaching" on Wednesday March 12 2014 in Kisakallio Sports Institute. The project is aiming to increase the number of former players as coaches. Ringette is co-operating with other female team sports, such as floorball, ice hockey, volleyball, handball, football, and also sports for disabled.

2014-02-22IRF is attending the IWG Conference in June

International Ringette Federation is attending the 6th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport on June 12-15, 2014. Conference will be in Helsinki, Finland. On behalf of IWG, International Working Group on Women and Sport, IRF invites the national Ringette organizations to the Conference.

2014-01-04U19 Team Finland win the U19 Gold, Team USA wins bronze medals

U19 Team Finland won the U19 World Championship title defeating U19 Team Canada on the Gold medal game 6-4. Game was tied 3-3 in the fourth period, but Finland came back scoring a couple of quick goals and taking the lead until the end. IRF congratulates U19 Team Finland on their win!

2014-01-032013 World Champions: Team Finland

The second final game was played in North Bay on Friday evening. The crowd got to see an amazing game which Finland won 7-5. International Ringette Federation congratulates both teams on their excellent game and Team Finland on their win.

2014-01-03New President and Vice President of the IRF elected

North Bay, Ontario, Canada January 3rd, 2014 – After a successful Board meeting during the recent World Ringette Championships, the International Ringette Federation (IRF) is pleased to announce that Sini Forsblom from Riihimäki, Finland is the new President while Beth Hurren of Bowmanville, ON, Finland was appointed to the position of Vice-President.

2013-12-30LIVE webcast from 2013 WRC

The games from 2013 WRC are being webcasted live. The schedule, links and how to log in to the service you can find here:

2013-12-302013 WRC opened - let the games begin

The 10th World Ringette Championships were opened by the President of the IRF David Mills yesterday evening at the Opening Ceremony.

Earlier on Sunday the first exhibition game USA - Finland was played at the Memorial Gardens. Finland defeated USA 0-28. More exhibition games will be played on Monday; 10am Sweden - USA, 2pm U19 Finland - U19 Canada, 6pm USA - Canada.


2013-12-27Two more days until 2013 WRC - Team Photos added

2013 World Ringette Championships are starting on Sunday 29th with the first exhibition games and the opening ceremony.

2013-12-212013 WRC is just around the corner

2013 World Ringette Championships are just around the corner. Opening Ceremony will be on 29th December in Capitol Centre in North Bay, ON. On the same day the first exhibition games will take place.


2013-12-01One month to 2013 WRC in North Bay, ON, Canada!

The 10th World Ringette Championship tournament will take place on 29th December 2013 - 4th January 2014 in the origins of Ringette, North Bay, ON. Teams from Canada, Finland, Sweden and USA are preparing for the tournament and waiting to travel to the birthplace of Ringette in just a few weeks.


2013-11-07One more stop on Ringette50 Roadshow - Winnipeg!

As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, Ringette Canada is hosting a 30-day, 15 city cross-country roadshow. Roadshow started on 16th October in Charlottetown, PEI. After that the Roadshow has visited 13 other cities, and on 9th November the Roadshow is going to have it's last stop in Winnipeg, MB.


2013-10-26A short video about Ringette by Emma Karasjoki

International Ringette Federation is proud to present a short video about Ringette! Video clip is made by Emma Karasjoki, a Finnish ringette player from EKS Espoo.

2013-10-26Tickets for 2013 WRC are now available

Tickets for the World Ringette Championships in North Bay on 29th December - 4th January are now available. Buy your tickets now!

2013-10-26Last three days of the Slovak Ringette camp in Finland

After the game in Raisio on Sunday evening the Slovaks headed to Luvia and Rauma for the last days of their camp. LuKi-82 Luvia was their host club, and the C-junior team and some players from the Finnish NRL team practiced and played with them. Slovaks also went bowling and curling! On Wednesday they traveled to Harjavalta to play with the Lady teams of Satakunnan Jääurheilijat and Lauttakylän Luja.

2013-10-21Slovaks in Finland for a Ringette camp

Five Slovak girls traveled to Finland on Friday 18th for six days to have a Ringette camp. Lucia Záborská, Ewa Lamperová, Paulína Slivková, Martina Chmelíková and Veronika Úradníková have already played and will play a few more times with different Finnish teams and learn new things about ringette. Veronika has been in Finland once before, but all of the other girls are in Finland for the first time. From Friday until Sunday they stayed in the Southern parts of Finland before heading to be the guests of LuKi-82 Luvia C-junior team!

2013-10-15Ringette50 Roadshow starts tomorrow

Canadians from coast to coast will have the opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ringette when Ringette Canada rolls out a 30-day, 15 city roadshow. The roadshow kicks off in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on October 16th and will then make its way to southern Ontario. Following a short one-week break, the roadshow will pick up again in British Columbia and then head towards Manitoba, where it will conclude on November 9th.


2013-09-04Finnish Ringette League's opening match in St.Petersburg was cancelled

One of the opening matches of Finnish Ringette League, EKS Espoo vs. LuKi-82 Luvia was supposed to take place in St.Petersburg, Russia on Saturday 28th September. Match had to be cancelled on the last minute because of many international events happening at the same time in St.Petersburg, that the local Sports Committee are working with. Also there are some tasks that have been moved to Sports Committee in St.Petersburg from Moscow.

This event would have been the first official ringette game played in Russia. Once before the opening match has been played outside Finland, in Sweden by VG-62 Naantali and Haukat Järvenpää.

2013-08-27Schedules for games and special events in 2013 WRC

2013 World Ringette Championships are taking place at the end of December. Opening ceremonies are on Sunday 29th December and the first exhibition games are played on Monday 30th December. By the end of that week we will know the new World Champions!


In 2013 WRC we have a new type of game system with two pools; Sam Jacks Pool and Presidents' Pool. This kind of games system was created to see more equal games and to support the developing ringette countries like Sweden and USA, and also offer the U19-teams various opponents.


The exact times for the games are coming soon.

2013-08-20Want to play ringette in Las Vegas? On April 27th - 30th 2014 it is possible!

"What happens in Vegas" is a ringette tournament for women 21 years old +. On 2014 it is the 6th annual "What happens in Vegas" -tournament, organized by Sport Destination.

What an exciting chance to meet and compete with Hockey and Ringette enthusiasts from across North America in one of the hottest adult vacation destinations, Las Vegas, NV! If you don't have a team but you would want to join in, it is also possible to register as an individual and the organizer will find a team for you.


2013-07-29Czech Challenge Cup 2013 - Ringette Greetings from Prague!

Czech Challenge Cup, an international ringette tournament in Prague organized by Challenger Hockey Ltd. was played during the weekend.

2013-07-23IRF on Instagram! Follow @irfringette

International Ringette Federation is now also on Instagram by the name @irfringette. Post your ringette pictures on Instagram and tag @irfringette - you will get a 'like' and maybe new followers too!

2013-07-16Ringette greetings from France

Here is an article from a French newspaper Le Télégramme!


2013-06-18Ringette continues in Abu Dhabi

IRF Vp Admin Sini Forsblom and Merja Hedman had an interesting meeting on Monday 17th June 2013 in Helsinki. Hedman is visiting her home country, Finland, and is returning back to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in a few weeks. While Hedman is away, ringette practices are being led by Eric Muchery, a French man who is also living in Abu Dhabi. Hedman also has some exciting news to take with her!

2013-04-20Ringette 50 years, Finnish Ringette Association 30 years

Mr. Sam Jacks created ringette 50 years ago, 1963, and mr. Juhani "Juuso" Wahlsten introduced the game in Finland on 1979. Year 2013 is a big year of celebration in both Canada and Finland. and especially among all of the ringette people around the world.

2013-04-062013 Champions in Canada and in Finland

2013 Championships in both Canada and Finland are clear.

2013-04-02Watch games from 2013 Canadian Ringette Championships live

2013 CRC's are beind played in Fredericton, NB this week. In the tournament there are U16 teams, U19 teams and NRL teams competing for the 2013 championship.

2013-03-30Website for 2013 World Ringette Championships

Check out the new website for 2013 World Ringette Championships in North Bay, ON, Canada.

2013-03-04You can help ringette grow in Ann Arbor, MI, USA!
2013-02-18Welcome to the new IRF website!