Ringette Festival in Helsinki 31th Dec 2015 - 3rd Jan 2016

2014-12-01 18:42

2016 World Ringette Championships will take place in Helsinki, Finland on 29th December 2015 - 4th January 2016. At the same time there will be Ringette Festival in Helsinki, hosted by Helsinki Ringette, Ringette Finland and the IRF. U14 teams are invited to play at the Festival tournament. Bring your team and make sure you will get your spot at the WRC audience aswell!

10-16 teams can enter the tournament - be quick to get your place in! Each team is ensured to have 5-6 games. Festival dates are 31th Dec 2015 - 3rd Jan 2016. Games are scheduled so that the junior teams are able to see the World's best ringette games at the WRC too!

More information is coming soon. If you would like to know more, please contact Merja Markkanen/Ringette Finland at merja.markkanen(at)skrl.fi!