Coaching project launched in Finland

2014-03-14 11:25

IRF, Ringette Finland and Coaching Association of Finland launched a project called "Women taking responsibility in coaching" on Wednesday March 12 2014 in Kisakallio Sports Institute. The project is aiming to increase the number of former players as coaches. Ringette is co-operating with other female team sports, such as floorball, ice hockey, volleyball, handball, football, and also sports for disabled.

On Wednesday there were 20 current and former athletes in Kisakallio attending at the first meeting of the project. Some of the women are already coaching and some aren't. Sport psychologist Satu Kaski lead the first meeting. During the meeting the women processed their own playing careers by going through what ringette has given them. By the end of the meeting Kaski and the women had discovered that former players have lots of knowledge about coaching, especially the mental side of it.

Next step of the project is a meeting together with all of the participating sports. Meeting will take place on May 3rd.

Photos: Ringette Finland


The president of the IRF Sini Forsblom opened the  meeting.














The Executive Director of Coaching Association of Finland Kristiina Danskanen worked with the players when their group thought about different things that ringette has given them.














After working in groups it was time to put the things on a wall under different categories.












Sport Psychologist Satu Kaski went through the things that had come up in the groups.