U19 Team Finland win the U19 Gold, Team USA wins bronze medals

2014-01-04 23:44

U19 Team Finland won the U19 World Championship title defeating U19 Team Canada on the Gold medal game 6-4. Game was tied 3-3 in the fourth period, but Finland came back scoring a couple of quick goals and taking the lead until the end. IRF congratulates U19 Team Finland on their win!

Congratulations also go out to Team USA who captured the Bronze medal in a victory over Sweden at the World Championships.  After jumping out to an early lead, Team USA never looked back, though Sweden tried to force a comeback in the second half, but with every goal Sweden scored, USA had a response. Final score 21-6.

Also handed out were team and tournament MVP awards.  Congratulations to:

Team Finland U19: Roosa Salonen

Team Canada U19: Molly Lewis

Team Sweden: Linda Björling

Team USA: Chelsea Stone

Team Canada: Meghan Pittaway

Team Finland: Anne Pohjola     

Tournament MVP: Marjukka Virta