One month to 2013 WRC in North Bay, ON, Canada!

2013-12-01 12:11

The 10th World Ringette Championship tournament will take place on 29th December 2013 - 4th January 2014 in the origins of Ringette, North Bay, ON. Teams from Canada, Finland, Sweden and USA are preparing for the tournament and waiting to travel to the birthplace of Ringette in just a few weeks.


Preparations are also going on in North Bay and the local organizing committee is working hard for the event and the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Jeff Francom is the chair of the committee. We asked Jeff a few questions about the preparations in North Bay.


How are the preparations going right now? Is the arena in shape after renovations or are there still some things to do?

Memorial Gardens upgrades are coming along well. The ice surface has been in use for over a month now. There are still a couple dressing rooms being upgraded and some administrative offices to be fixed up but it will all be in place in time for us. Our local Ontario Hockey League team, the North Bay Battalion, has been playing there since mid-October, so we know that everything is working as it should. Our logo will be going on the ice in mid-December.


How is the ticket sale going?

We have sold over 700 tickets without any advertising yet. Of note: 120 fans from Finland have bought their tickets already. We started our marketing campaign for ticket sales this week, so local sales will be picking up very soon.


How many teams are attending the U16 tournament and the university challenge?

U16 tournament will have 2 teams from Finland, 1 from Sweden and 4 or 5 from North Eastern Ontario (North Bay and district).

The University Challenge Cup has 7 teams in Tier One (very high caliber) from across Canada. One team is from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, which is on our East Coast (Atlantic) and 2 teams are from Alberta (Western Canada), with the rest from Ontario (same province as North Bay). There will be 5 teams in Tier Two, all from Ontario including the local team from Nipissing University here in North Bay.


Any greetings to the ringette people from the committee?

We are very excited to meet all of our ringette friends from around North America and from across the Atlantic. Personally, I am like a kid waiting for Christmas...this is going to be a great week of competition and a great celebration of our game.


Photo credit: 2013 WRC CMR

Photo credit: WRC 2013 CMR