Last three days of the Slovak Ringette camp in Finland

2013-10-26 11:36

After the game in Raisio on Sunday evening the Slovaks headed to Luvia and Rauma for the last days of their camp. LuKi-82 Luvia was their host club, and the C-junior team and some players from the Finnish NRL team practiced and played with them. Slovaks also went bowling and curling! On Wednesday they traveled to Harjavalta to play with the Lady teams of Satakunnan Jääurheilijat and Lauttakylän Luja.

On Monday Slovaks played with Luvia C-juniors and women. They had improved a lot already over the weekend! On Monday evening they went bowling with the C-juniors.




















On Tuesday the Slovaks went shopping. No wonder their luggage was quite heavy when they left back home; one can only guess the amount of Fazer chocolate they took back home... They also had one practice with the C-juniors and women.











On Wednesday it was the last whole day of the camp in Finland. Slovaks had a game in Harjavalta with the Luvia C-juniors and Lady teams from Satakunnan Jääurheilijat and Lauttakylän luja. The fans had also found their way to the audience! Slovaks played really well again.

IRF wants to thank LuKi-82 C-juniors and women, and Lady teams of Satakunnan Jääurheilijat and Lauttakylän Luja! The camp was a success in total because of the great co-operation with all of the participated people. Thank you to Miia Railio for organizing the schedule. Hopefully we can see these kind of Ringette camps also in the future!