Ringette continues in Abu Dhabi

2013-06-18 22:33

IRF Vp Admin Sini Forsblom and Merja Hedman had an interesting meeting on Monday 17th June 2013 in Helsinki. Hedman is visiting her home country, Finland, and is returning back to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in a few weeks. While Hedman is away, ringette practices are being led by Eric Muchery, a French man who is also living in Abu Dhabi. Hedman also has some exciting news to take with her!

During the meeting Hedman and Forsblom had a conversation full of different kind of ideas how to develop ringette in Abu Dhabi and also world wide. On March 2014 there will be some exhibition games arranged if only Hedman and Forsblom manage to get a couple of teams to travel to Dubai - Abu Dhabi. There has not been any schedule planning or other kind of plans so far, the project just got its start. If you are interested, from any country, you can contact Sini Forsblom via Facebook or email vpadmin@ringette.cc.


Merja Hedman gave Sini Forsblom the jersey of Abu Dhabi Ringette Rafales!    

Merja brought Sini a brand new jersey of Abu Dhabi Ringette Rafales - great!


Merja Hedman has stayed in Abu Dhabi with her husband for two years. During the first year she was there, she got fumiliar with the local ice rink and started to plan how would it be possible to get ringette started over there. She succeeded on having a couple of Come Try Ringette sessions during the first spring, and already next season, 2012-2013, she managed to start regular ringette practices. IRF and Ringette Finland supported ringette in Abu Dhabi and donated some equipment.

Hedman is coaching with Eric Muchery, French man from Montpellier. Muchery is a pilot and his 6 and 12 year-old sons are also attending the ringette practices. The practices are being held three times a week on 1/3 of the rink, the other two thirds being used by public skaters and figure skaters. Ice time is really expensive, so this is a good way to practice and play. The participants are mostly expats, but there have also been local people attending. Both girls and boys have been and will be welcome to attend. With the cultural differences excisting, Hedman has been happy with the decicion to let also boys attend the practices. Ages vary from children to adults, basically anyone who wants to attend, can.

Now Hedman is on vacation in Finland and is heading back to Abu Dhabi for another two years. This time Hedman will have sticks to take with her donated by two clubs from Finland, Blue Rings and Hyvinkää Ringette - thank you!

You can follow ringette in Abu Dhabi via Facebook - like the page Kids with sticks - Ringette Abu Dhabi and you will find photos from the practices. Maybe you can have your vacation in Abu Dhabi and visit the practices..?