Ringette 50 years, Finnish Ringette Association 30 years

2013-04-20 10:44

Mr. Sam Jacks created ringette 50 years ago, 1963, and mr. Juhani "Juuso" Wahlsten introduced the game in Finland on 1979. Year 2013 is a big year of celebration in both Canada and Finland. and especially among all of the ringette people around the world.

Finnish Ringette Association was founded on 1983. Finnish Ringette Association is celebrating its 30th anniversary today in Kisakallio, Finland. Celebration

starts with a game played by former Team Finland players from years 1990-2010. After the game it is time to have dinner and get together - celebrate!


In Canada the year 2013 is a year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ringette. Celebration goes on during the whole year. At the end of the year it is time to have 2013 WRC in North Bay, which is the birth place of ringette. More information on the 50th anniversary: http://www.ringette50.ca


International Ringette Association is proud of the great sport and its 50th anniversary! IRF congratulates Ringette Canada on 50th anniversary of ringette and Finnish Ringette Association on its 30th anniversary!