You can help ringette grow in Ann Arbor, MI, USA!

2013-03-04 15:00

Ringette Canada had a Come Try Ringette -session in Ann Arbor, Michigan on February 2012. This season there has been one team, Ann Arbor Narwhals, that has played their first ever 6 games against Canadian teams. This is a big step for ringette and a great start for sport development in the USA! More on website and in Facebook .

Now there is a campaign in Ann Arbor, Michigan to start a Learn to Skate - Learn to play Ringette program for kids ages 5 to 8. Raised funds are to be used to cover the costs from ice time and equipment. You can help and support Ann Arbor Narwhals Ringette here:


Come Try Ringette -event in Ann Arbor, MI, USA on February 2012.

Photo Credit: Ringette Canada