WRC 2016 is almost here!

2015-12-22 11:14

First games to be played on Sun 27th December

The 11th World Ringette Championships are about to begin in Helsinki, Finland. Teams from Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden and USA are soon traveling to Finland, the first games will be played on Sunday 27th. The official opening ceremony will be on Monday 28th, and it will be hosted by the City of Helsinki at the City hall.

The official website of the WRC 2016 is www.wrc2016.fi and it is both in Finnish and in English. Information about the teams, game schedule etc. can be found on the website.

The online results can be found here: https://ringette.torneopal.fi/

The webcast schedule and direct links to the webcasts can be found here: http://www.wrc2015.fi/en/Schedule.html

WRC 2016 Facebook page is 2016 World Ringette Championships.

WRC 2016 Instagram and Twitter account is @2016wrc.

Official hashtag for the event is #WRC2016.