IRF Workshops in Prague, Czech Republic

2015-07-23 18:02

The first official International IRF Coaching and Referee Workshops took place in Prague, Czech Republic on 22th – 23th July 2015. There were participants from five different countries; Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Slovakia and Sweden.

Instructors of the Coaching Workshop were Phyllis Sadoway and Matti Virtanen. They shared their coaching knowledge to 13 coaches on and off ice. There were lots of good discussions and active participation. The participants of the Coaching workshop got new ideas from the instructors as well as each other.

"It is good that the first workshop has now found it's place and this is a good start", said Matti "Masa" Virtanen, one of the two instructors. Mr. Virtanen is working in Ringette Finland office and is responsible for the education of ringette coaches in Finland. "The discussions open the participants eyes when there are so many different ways of thinking about just one simple thing in ringette. You can't really say which one is good or bad, as the cultures are very different in different countries" says mr. Virtanen.


On left: Phyllis Sadoway and Matti Virtanen are discussing with the participants about skills of a good coach.

On right: The participants got to plan drills and do them on ice. While one group was giving advice, other group was making evaluation


Instructors of the Referee Workshop were Lucie Anne Ingoldsby and Veera Lempiäinen. In the Referee Workshop there were 8 participants, and they get to practice new things while the Czech Ringette Challenge Cup - tournament which will take place right after workshops. "We had both new beginners and experienced referees. Even though there were referees with some years of experience among the participants, it is always good to go through the things once more and remind the referees of some basics too. I think we will have good practice during the tournament for the participants" said Lucie Anne Ingoldsby. Mrs. Ingoldsby has lots of experience of refereeing and she has already worked for many years to develop the refereeing internationally.


On left: Lucie Anne Ingoldsby and Veera Lempiäinen are opening the Referee workshop.

On right: Referees got to practice their positioning on ice on both days.