Sam Jacks' 100th Birthday!

2015-04-23 00:00

Today, on the 23th April 2015, would have been the 100th Birthday of Sam Jacks, the Inventor of Ringette. International Ringette Federation honors the legacy of Sam Jacks with these photos and a message from Sam Jacks' son Bruce Jacks.

My father Samuel Perry Jacks was born in Scotland on April 23 1915. 

Our family have been reminiscing about our Father and all his accomplishments over the years.

The main one being our game of Ringette. If you knew Sam he would be very humbled to think his game that he invented in 1963 has travelled from the City of North Bay Ontario Canada (known as the Birth Place of Ringette), is  now being played across Canada, USA, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and France.

What a way to celebrate which would have been his hundredth birthday!     

On behalf of myself and the family we would like to thank the Ringette World for all their hard work and dedication in making the game of Ringette a world class sport.


Bruce Jacks













     On left: Sam Jacks smoking his pipe and thinking.

     On right: Sam Jacks when he was working at YMCA as a sports director just before he    moved to North Bay in 1948

      Photos from Bruce Jacks.