Want to play ringette abroad?

2015-03-30 18:57

Season 2014-2015 is soon over and it is time to start thinking about next season. Would you want to go play somewhere else than your home country? Maybe IRF could help you!

Playing abroad is possible there is plenty of time to do arrangements concerning school, living and finding a team for season 2015-2016. IRF offers to help you with finding contacts for different clubs and teams. IRF cannot find or offer you the facilities for school, job or living but we can find the people you need. There are plenty of options in both Canada and Finland, and some options also in Sweden in the Stockholm area.

Find Salla Kyhälä's and Jessika Runolf's stories about their seasons abroad: http://www.ringette.cc/en/What+is+ringette%3F/Ringette+countries/Play+abroad.html

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact the IRF: president(at)ringette.cc