Play abroad

Have you planned a year as an exchange student or au-pair? Do you have a dream to live and work in some other country for a while? It is possible to play ringette at the same time – you can keep practising and playing and build a social network with the help of ringette.

If you want to go play ringette abroad and you need help with finding a team, you should contact the ringette association in that country. If you would want to play in some of the National Ringette League teams in Canada, you can also contact the Chairman of the NRL, Maurice Jean: chairman(at) .

If you need help finding contact information, you can ask the IRF to help you. IRF contact information is here

Here are a couple of players who have played ringette abroad. They have answered a few questions about playing abroad. Click on the name or the photo and you will find these players’ answers!



Salla Kyhälä (Finland)

Jessica Runolf (Sweden)