What is ringette?

Ringette is a fast team sport on ice, and it has originally been developed for girls and women of all ages. Ringette players use a straight stick to pass, carry and shoot a rubber ring to score goals. Ringette is a team sport with no contact allowed.

Ringette is played on ice in a rink. In a ringette game there are five skaters and one goalkeeper from one team on ice at the same time. Two teams play against each other and try to score goals. A specific rule in ringette is that the ring has to be passed from player to player over blue lines; one individual cannot dominate the game. Between the freeplay line and the end there can only be three skaters from each team at the same time.

Being a non-contact sport on ice ringette is very popular in schools’ P.E. classes of any ages. There have been speficic teachers’ guides developed to play ringette in schools.


What is Ringette? - a short review to ringette. Made by Emma Karasjoki.


    Photo Credit: Ringette Canada


Photo Credit: Ringette Canada