International Ringette Federation Constitution




Created in 1986, the International Ringette Federation, hereinafter referred to as the IRF is a federation of member national ringette associations governing the sport of ringette in accordance with this constitution.


C.1        NAME


C1.1    The name of the Federation shall be “International Ringette Federation” when referenced in the English language.





C2.1    The trademark and logo of the IRF shall be those whose imprint appear at the end of this constitution.


C2.2     The IRF reserves the exclusive rights to the use of the words "World" and IRF in connection with any championship, competition, or meeting related to ringette.



C.3        LANGUAGE


C3.1     The official language of the IRF shall be English.


C3.2    At all meetings, a delegate may speak in her own language provided that the delegate ensures an immediate or simultaneous translation to the official language.


C3.3    All IRF documentation, including the constitution, rules and regulations, minutes, reports and other communications shall be published in English.





C.4.1    The Aims and Objectives of the IRF are as follows:


  1. To promote and encourage the development of ringette throughout the world.


  1. To promote and encourage uniformity of rules for the control and regulation of ringette throughout the world.


  1. To promote and encourage the formation of national ringette associations.


  1. To encourage the formulation, publication, and administration of international policies that are athlete-centered and beneficial to the sport of ringette.


  1. To devise and adopt rules for use in international competitions, such as the World Ringette Championship and other IRF-sanctioned International Tournaments.


  1. To administer the World Ringette Championship, and other IRF-sanctioned International Tournaments, and to work towards ringette's inclusion in major games.


  1. To stimulate public awareness and foster spectator interest in the sport of ringette internationally.


  1. To aid and maintain mutually beneficial associations with sport groups and other governing bodies whose aims and purposes are consistent with the aims and goals of ringette and the sport in general.




Unless context otherwise specifies or requires, the following terms have these meanings in this Constitution:


C5.1     "Board" means the Board of the IRF, elected or appointed under this Constitution, including the President, the Technical Director, Director of Sport Development, Director of Communication, and the delegates of each Full Member, as defined by this Constitution.


C5.2     “Congress” means meeting held every second year that includes the election of the Council.


C5.3     “Council” means the elected Members of the IRF, including the President, the Technical Director, Director of Sport Development, Director of Communication.


C5.4    "Country" means a self-governing geographical area of the world recognized as a country, which has certain aspects of self-government at least to the extent of being autonomous in the control of its sports, and is recognized as such by the IRF.


C5.5     "IRF" means the International Ringette Federation.


C5.6    "NSGB" means National Sport Governing Body.


C5.7    "Rules" means the Official Rules of the IRF.


C5.8    "She", and other related terms, are used to represent both he and she throughout this document.


C5.9     “Directors” mean Directors of the IRF who chair specific committees and supervise various activities at IRF-sanctioned events.


C.6        GENERAL


C6.1    The IRF will be carried on without the purpose of gain for its Members and any profits or other accretions to the IRF will be used in promoting its objectives.


C6.2    The Council will have the authority to interpret any provision of this Constitution that is contradictory, ambiguous, or unclear, provided such interpretation is consistent with the objectives, mission, vision and values of the IRF.


C6.3    Unless otherwise specified, meetings of Members, Committees, and meetings of the Board will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order (current edition).


C6.4    Words importing the singular will include the plural and vice versa, words importing the masculine will include the feminine and vice versa.


C6.5    The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Constitution shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Constitution.




C7.1    Becoming a Member


Subject to the following conditions, only National Sport Governing Bodies for the sport of ringette may be members of the IRF.


C7.2     New Member Applicants

An organization requesting membership to the IRF must fulfil the following conditions. It:


  1. must be the ringette association of a sovereign state;


  1. must be recognized by a national sport authority within its country, deemed acceptable in IRF Board’s sole opinion;


  1. must be in a position to control IRF ringette in the country if played in the country;


  1. must confirm that it will abide by the Statutes, Bylaws and Regulations/Codes of the IRF and be representative of the players, clubs, game officials and, if any, regional ringette organizations;


  1. must furnish the IRF with its Statutes and Bylaws and/or Constitution; and


  1. must provide additional information as requested by and to the satisfaction of the




No additional application for membership will be considered from a country where there is an existing IRF Member National Association that is in control of ringette in that country. IRF membership is subject to the approval of the Board, however, in exceptional circumstances the IRF Council may grant conditional membership, subject to Board ratification.


C7.3    Membership Classes


The term ‘controlling solely ringette’ shall have no effect on the class of membership where an association also controls other sports.


Membership of the IRF shall be accorded as follows:


C7.3.1.Full Membership


Full membership may be accorded to a ringette association that meets all of the following criteria:

  • operates independently of any other organization;
  • solely controls ringette;
  • has ongoing coaching and officiating development programs;
  • has a minimum of 150 registered players;, and


  • has taken part in an IRF World Championship in the senior or junior category within the last two cycles.


Council may temporarily grant conditional full membership status to a Member National Association that has made progress toward full independent status and has a clear transition plan.


Full membership (in good standing) entitles the Member National Association to participate in all IRF activities and affairs, including the right to one vote.


A full Member National Association in good standing, whose national team has competed in three consecutive World Championships (Senior and/or Junior category) immediately preceding or taking place concurrently with the Congress, and during which time it fulfilled minimum standards, is entitled to an additional vote.


A Member National Association that has participated in the IRF World Championship (Senior or Junior category) loses the additional vote, if it subsequently fails to compete in two consecutive championships.


If a full Member National Association has not been involved in IRF ringette related activities for two consecutive years, it loses the right to vote until it once again becomes fully active in IRF ringette related activities.


C7.3.2 Associate Membership


Associate membership may be accorded to either a ringette association that does not operate independently of any other organization that does not solely control ringette; or an independent ringette association controlling ringette but whose operations do not fulfil the Minimum Participation Standards of 150 registered players.


Where the national organization controls other activities in addition to ringette, then in order to have Associate Status there must be a special committee of that organization solely in control of ringette. When such special committee has been established, it is granted the right by the national organization to deal directly with the IRF on all matters pertaining to ringette. Such special committee shall assume the same obligations to the IRF as an independent Member National Association.


Where IRF Associate Membership has been accorded to a national organization controlling other activities in addition to ringette, the IRF having first been satisfied that a special committee has been empowered solely to control ringette, then the obligation of the IRF shall be limited to and associated solely with that committee. Both the committee and the national organization will assume the same obligations to the IRF and be subject to the same controls and sanctions as attributed to a national governing body.


The IRF reserves the right in the event of any change in the terms of empowerment or relationship between a national organization and the committee to reconsider its position and suspend or expel the national organization.


Associate membership (in good standing) entitles the Member National Association to participate in all activities and affairs of the IRF except that Associate Members are neither entitled to vote nor to nominate Council Members.


C.7.3.3 Affiliate Membership


Affiliate membership may be accorded to a ringette association, organization, club or league or group in a country where a full or associated membership does not already exist. This membership class shall also be available to any college, university, or special institution as approved by the IRF Board.


Affiliate membership (in good standing) entitles the entity to participate in all IRF activities including attending the Congress at their own expense, but is not entitled to vote, nominate Council Members, or submit proposals, or participate at the World Ringette Championship or any IRF sanctioned International Competitions.


C.7.4    Change of Membership Class


An Association Member shall be accorded Full Member status as soon as it has fulfilled the specified criteria for Full Membership and receives Board approval.


An Affiliate Member shall be accorded Association or Full Member status as soon as it has fulfilled the specified criteria for the relevant Membership and receives Board approval.


The Board shall revoke and/or change any Membership status if the Member National Association no longer fulfils the specified criteria for such membership status.


If a Member National Association controlling ringette has given notice to the IRF that it is not in a good position to develop ringette or the IRF Congress deems that the Member National Association is not in a good position to develop ringette, then the IRF may grant affiliate status to a governing body controlling ringette in the country concerned. A ringette affiliated member shall be subject to the rights and obligations as specified in the regulations governing members participating in IRF championships/competitions and programs under the control of the IRF, but shall not be entitled to associate membership or full membership of the IRF.


C.7.5   Duties of all Members

C.7.5.1 Member in Good Standing refers to:


  1. Any Member National Association who has fulfilled all requirements within its membership class, who has neither voluntarily withdrawn from membership nor has been expelled or suspended from membership, who is current on all financial obligations with the IRF and other Member National Associations, and who fully complies with all IRF Constitution requirements.


  1. Members not in Good Standing are not entitled to participate in IRF activities as referenced in their membership class.


  1. Any waiver by the IRF of any Member National Association obligation within the IRF Constitution and/or Regulations/Rules does not operate as, and should not be construed as, a waiver of any other provision within the IRF Constitution and/or Regulations/Rules. Failure of the IRF to enforce any rights granted within the IRF Constitution and/or Regulations/Rules or to take action against a Member National Association in the event that the Member National Association does not meet all requirements contained therein, shall not be deemed as a waiver by the Member National Association of subsequent enforcement rights by the IRF.


C.7.6   Membership Fee


7.6.1    There shall be an annual fee, determined by the Board, applied to Members, which shall be remitted to the IRF by February 28th in each year.


7.6.2    Members will be notified in writing of the membership dues at any time payable by them, and if they are not paid by March 31st in each year, the Member will automatically cease to be a Member of the IRF, unless determined otherwise by the Board.


C.7.7    Resignation of Members


C.7.7.1 The interest arising out of membership in the IRF is not transferable and lapses and ceases to exist upon its dissolution when the Member or other ceases to be a Member by resignation or otherwise. Any Member may resign from membership upon notice to the IRF.





IRF Membership includes acceptance of the World Anti-Doping Code (Code) and a requirement that the policies, rules and programs of Member National Associations are in compliance with the Code.


C.9        CONGRESS


C9.1.1 Congress meetings shall be held every second year (preferably during WRC).


C9.1.2 Every full Member has one vote at the meeting.


C9.1.3 Associate and Affiliate members can be present but they do not have a vote.


C.9.1.4 Items to be addressed at the Congress include but are not limited to:

  1. Council member elections/appointments.


  • First cycle every second year President and Technical Director,


  • Second cycle every second year Vice President, Director of Communication and Sport Development Director.


  1. Approval of the Constitution (changes / amendments)


  1. Approval of the Policies (changes / amendments)


C.10    BOARD


C.10.1 The Board shall be comprised of the Council and Full Members


C.10.2 Associate and Affiliate members can be present during Board meetings but they do not have a vote.


C.10.3 The conduct and management of the affairs of the IRF shall be vested in the Board. The duties of the Board are:




  1. Approving new members


  1. Interpreting and enforcing the Constitution and policies of the IRF


  1. Reviewing Constitution and Policies and submitting proposals to the Congress for needed changes


  1. Reviewing proposals from member countries and from the Council


  1. Appointing Director of Officials and Director of Competitions and other needed position for the WRC


  1. Appointing needed committees


  1. Approving Playing rules, Technical Package and other needed documents


  1. Arbitrating any dispute that may arise between Members of the IRF





C.11.1 The Council shall be comprised of the President, Vice president, Technical Director, Director of Communication, and the Sport Development Director


C.11.2 The duties of the Council are:


  1. The overall planning, execution, and supervision of the activities of the IRF, as approved by the Board.


  1. Submitting proposals to the Board


  1. Making decisions in case of an emergency; such decisions are to be acted upon immediately, subject to ratification by the Board at its next meeting


  1. All contracts, documents or other instruments in writing requiring the signature of the IRF shall be signed by the President and one other Council member. No persons other than the President and one other Council member are authorized to commit expenditures and/or sign contracts on behalf of the IRF, except as Council may otherwise authorize.


  1. The term of a council member shall be for four years. The President may only serve two consecutive terms in the position.




C.12.1 A Board or Council Member who has an interest, or who may be perceived as having an interest, in a proposed contract or transaction with the IRF will comply with the IRF’s Conflict of Interest Policy and will disclose fully and promptly the nature and extent of such interest to the Board, as the case may be, will refrain from voting or speaking in debate on such contract or transaction; will refrain from influencing the decision on such contract or transaction; and will otherwise comply with the requirements of the IRF’s Conflict of Interest Policy regarding conflict of interest.




C.13.1 This constitution will remain in force until it is amended at a Board meeting. Proposed amendments shall be submitted four weeks in advance of the meeting to the President. Policies of the IRF, and other business or agenda items of a non-technical nature, shall be considered only if submitted by a Member of the Board. The President and/or another Counsel member shall distribute all such proposals to the Board members two weeks in advance of the meeting.




C.14.1 The fiscal year for the IRF shall be from April 1st to March 31st.




C.15.1 In all cases where questions arise concerning the Constitution, policies, or Official Rules, the final authority will be the Council.




C.16.1 Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, the IRF will indemnify and hold harmless out of the funds of the IRF each Board Member, their heirs, executors and administrators from and against any and all claims, demands, actions or costs which may arise or be incurred as a result of occupying the position or performing the duties of Board Member.


C.16.2 The IRF will not indemnify a Board Member or any other person for acts of fraud, dishonesty, unlawful conduct, or bad faith.


C.16.3 The IRF will, at all times, maintain in force such directors and officers liability insurance as may be approved by the Board.




C.17.1 Upon the dissolution of the IRF, any funds or assets remaining after paying all debts will be distributed to an incorporated non-profit ringette organization as determined by the Board.




C.18.1 Adoption by Board – This Constitution was adopted by the IRF Board at a meeting of the Board duly called and held on [December 2019].