IRF Ringette Workshops 2015


The IRF Ringette Workshops 2015 were arranged in Prague, Czech Republic on Wed-Thu 22th-23th July 2015.

There were two workshops: IRF Ringette Referee Workshop and IRF Ringette Coaching Workshop.



IRF Ringette Coaching Workshop

The international IRF Ringette Coaching workshop will was

arranged for the second time on 2015. First workshop was

on 2014.


Trainers of the 2015 workshop:

Phyllis Sadoway and Matti Virtanen.


IRF RIngette Coaching workshop is welcoming players and

coaches of all levels!



IRF Ringette Referee Workshop

The International IRF Ringette Referee Workshop was arranged

officially for the first time on 2015. 



Trainers of the 2015 workshop:

Lucie Anne Ingoldsby and Veera Lempiäinen


Workshop is very useful for referees of all levels.